THE LISTEN TO THE EARTH PROJECT — An information page for conductors and administrators


One of Florida's most dynamic professional choral ensembles, Choral Artists of Sarasota (formerly Gloria Musicae), invites all American and Canadian choruses to join the Listen To The Earth Project, a call for choruses to partner with local environmental groups to present in their local communities environment-themed concerts, educational displays and panel discussions, on or around Earth Day (April 22), 2019.  Our mission is to expand the role of the chorus by encouraging community engagement in issues of social responsibility—in this case, to inspire more conscious stewardship of our planet through enlivening environmental awareness. Project partners can become co-commissioners of a significant new cantata for baritone solo, chorus and orchestra (or chamber ensemble) by award-winning American/Canadian composer James Grant. 

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Click on a composition's title below to go to an information page featuring audio, video, reviews, perusal scores, and program notes.  

An asterisk (*) denotes "priority listening" — that is, listening only to these selections will offer a quick and efficient introduction to my language and (most relevant) my use of chorus, soloists, and orchestra.  Listening to the non-asterisk selections will broaden the context.

Note that this list also is printed at the bottom of each title's information page.


Eja! Eja!
Timpani, soprano solo, large chorus and orchestra
Commissioned by Norman Scribner and the Choral Arts Society of Washington

Such Was The War (excerpts)
Choral symphony for baritone solo, chorus and orchestra based on the Civil War poetry, prose, and correspondence of Walt Whitman
​Commissioned by Norman Scribner and the Choral Arts Society of Washington

Cold Enough For Christmas (for fun!)
Soprano solo, chorus, and chamber orchestra
​Commissioned by Joseph Holt and Gloria Musicae (Sarasota, FL)


Psalm 98 - Sing to the Lord a New Song
First Prize, International Choral Composition Contest, sponsored by the South Coast (CA) Choral Society


Scout — Tracks II and III ( = Mvts. III and IV in the piano reduction)
Mezzo-soprano (and narrator) and chamber orchestra
Commissioned by Matthew Hazelwood and the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra


Chart - Overture for Orchestra
Full orchestra
​Commissioned by William Hudson and the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra
First Prize in the Louisville Orchestra Competition for New Orchestral Music 

Tribute to 9/11
Full orchestra
Commissioned by Michael Gagliardo and the Etowah Youth Symphony Orchestras

Concerto for Tuba: Three Furies — Mvt III
Tuba solo with full orchestra
Commissioned by William Hudson and the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra — Mvt IV
Full orchestra
Commissioned by a consortium of four pianists and six orchestras (see link)


Waltz for Betz
Viola solo and string orchestra
Commissioned by Jed Gaylin and the Bay-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra

Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Strings — Mvts I and II
Bass Clarinet solo and string orchestra
Commissioned by William Helmers (bass clarinet) and the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra

String orchestra
Commissioned by David Epstein and the New Orchestra of Boston


Quintet for Brass — Mvt IV. Nuts
Commissioned by the Constitution Brass Quintet; Milliken University Brass Quintet; Iowa Brass Quintet

Four F tubas
Commissioned by Prof. Jim Self, for the University of Southern California Bass Tuba Quartet